How the “Bookie Monster” came to be

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to this, the snippet of my mind!

I am so excited to begin blogging again, I definitely missed having an outlet for my thoughts and opinions. I’m very rusty at the moment, so I apologize for the wavering style while I get back on track.

In this very first post of my new blog, I want to talk a little bit about my experience diving into the Bookstagram world, what my expectations were compared to the reality and what I hope for my feed’s future.

Let’s start with the reason I started my bookish account. Since graduating college last December and entering the real adult world, I’d been thinking about what I wanted my life to be like and what I wanted to do with it. Tough question with no easy answer. I panicked and thought IΒ hadΒ to have everything figured out and stressed too much over it. All of this happened while I tried to find a good job with a nice pay, all the while not having a clue about what I wanted to do with my life.

I have now found a nice and interesting job, that poses a challenge for me each and everyday because it involves activities and responsibilities that are not my area of expertise… If I even have any. It pays rather well in today’s Mexican market and it allows me to travel sometimes to other states, so it’s quite nice. I’m learning a lot and trying to make the best of it, but it took me a while to be comfortable enough to actually enjoy it.

Given that it was a new experience and I had to dive into activities I’d never done before, it was hard to adjust. Add to that my crisis of wanting to enjoy my early twenties and continue seeing the world as I’d done my senior year of college… I was a mess. I thought of quitting every day and was torn between the idea of working and saving up to do what I wanted vs. just roaming freely through the world while I figured everything out.

It was stressful and I even started to show signs of depression, worrying my parents, which was the last thing I ever wanted to do. But then I started to think about my love for books. Even through all this mess of wanting to quit but telling myself ‘Mama ain’t raised no quitter’, the moments of peace I had were during my commute to work or late at night, when I could grab my book and just go back to someone else’s story, forgetting mine.

While my love for books has existed since I was around 5 years old (my first ever book entirely read on my own was Moby Dick, like… WTF, Nat?) I’d been very passive about this love, you know? Limiting it to simply buying and reading them, nothing more. And then, as I looked through all the Instagram accounts I loved I just asked myself ‘Why aren’t I doing this? I have the books, I have the props, I have the enthusiasm… Why not?”

And I did!



While I know that it’s all a bit messy and only now has started to take shape, I love my little bookish feed. I love having weekends to take pictures and enjoy myself with my books. It’s even become another bonding activity for my parents and I! They help me out and think of ways to stage a picture when I can’t think of any. This little project has made me come back to myself and helped me carve my way out of the hole I didn’t even know I was in.

So, as a way to start this blog I want to thank the Bookstagram community for being so lovely and welcoming and congratulate myself for taking the leap into a project I never thought I’d be doing. Life is all about the unexpected, after all.

I still don’t know where I want my life to go, but at least I’m having fun in the meantime.



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