Welcome to my bookish world!

I’m Nat and I love to read. And write. And fangirl. 

I have loved books all my life and though I’ve read my fair share, I’ve always been hesitant to write down my thoughts about the things I read. I guess I was scared of not being good at it.

But no more! A couple of years ago, I was asked as a college assignment to create a blog and just keep it going and that truly helped me realize that my fears were unfounded. Because at the end of the day, I’m writing for myself and no one else (although having lovely people read and care about what I have to say is wonderful and I appreciate it greatly!). So I conquered my fear and began writing. But then life got in the way and I sort of just… stopped.

Recently, I took the plunge into the Bookstagram world and though I’m barely starting and therefore quiet chaotic in my figuring things out process, I’m so glad I finally decided to do it! And since starting it, I’ve been really missing my blogging attempts so this is now my newest adventure!

I welcome you to join me as I travel through fictional worlds and tell you all about them!